Feature FAQ

The most innovative designers consciously reject the standard option box and cultivate an appetite for thinking wrong.

1. Is the WiseGuys template responsive and mobile friendly?

Yes, the WiseGuys template is responsive and mobile friendly. That means that it will resize according to the dimensions of your resolution, so it will look impecable on any device, from desktops, notebooks, to tablets and smart phones.

2. Is the WiseGuys template flexible and higly customizable?

Oh yeah, WiseGuys is extremely flexible and highly customizable. The layout can be modified depending on your needs, for example you can opt for boxed layout, or full width layout, or you can choose to use the cool blur effect or not. When opting for image background without the blur, the page title and bread crumbs will conveniently change their position belor the header. The colors can also be easily changed, and on top of that, WiseGuys comes with 10 prebuilt skins to choose from. WiseGuys uses @fontface, so you can use any font you want, and changing the fonts and their styles is a walk in the park. Long story short, you can make WiseGuys look totally different, according to your needs and taste.

3. How many page templates does the WiseGuys template contain?

WiseGuys contains 36 page templates. WiseGuys is packed with everything you'd want in a template, because we included a complete set of pages to choose from.

4. How many shortcodes are included in the WiseGuys template?

WiseGuys contains over 200 shortcodes and elements. That's right, over 200. There probably aren't any elements that WiseGuys doesn't have. Please see the FEATURES menu and navigate through the pages to see all the awesome custom made shortcodes and elements.

5. What’s so special about the Jackbox lightbox you included in this template?

In our opinion the JackBox lightbox ($10) is the best lightbox available on the web. It's awesome because it has a lot of really cool features, but it also has a few extremely important features that the other lightboxes out there lack: real responsiveness and real image sharing (that means that when you share an image, you're actually sharing that specific image instead of the whole HTML page like most lightboxes out there do). You can read more about the JackBox on its description page HERE

6. Why was the Revolution slider included in the WiseGuys template?

Long story short, the Revolution Slider ($12) is just awesome. It's so flexible and customizable that we couldn't leave it out of the WiseGuys template. It can do pretty much anything, it can be used as a parallax slider, or as a normal slider; it can animate text and images; it can be transparent or have a background image; it has tons of awesome transitions and it's responsive, and much much more. Please read more about the Revolution Slider on its description page HERE

7. Is the Isotope sortable portfolio that cool?

Oh yeah, Isotope ($25) is really awesome. It is a responsive filterable (sortable) portfolio, and it's a really cool way to showcase works. To make it even cooler, it supports both column and masonry layouts. Read more about Isotope HERE

8. What kind of contact form is WiseGuys using?

The contact form we opted for is AJAX Contact Form Extended ($5). We chose this form because it's feature full and flexbile, you can add as many fields as needed, or add drop downs and radio buttons, while having the possibility to make them mandatory or not, but most importantly it uses captcha to avoid spamming. Read more about this awesome contact form on its description page HERE

9. How many color variations are included in the download package?

The WiseGuys template comes with 10 pre-built skins. Although changing the colors in the template is really easy, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for our clients, so we included a 5 color set of SOFT COLORS, and another 5 color set of STRONG COLORS to suit anyone's needs and taste.

10. Are both layered .psd and layered .png files incuded in the download package?

Yes, both layered psd (22 files) and layered png files (22 files) are included in the download package. The files are nicely organized and editable.